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A Tale of Economy Hotels in Delhi

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Since my childhood days I have been a culture vulture. Whenever I heard or read anything about India, I had this intense feeling of wanting to go there. Finally I got my chance to visit the capital city of India for a photography research project. I planned to stay for one month. Being a student, I did not have any other option but to stay at the Economy Hotels in Delhi
Economy Hotels in Delhi
Hotel Ajanta, New Delhi
I booked my stay with Hotel Ajanta as I preferred staying in Central Delhi. The hotel was very close to my NGO so it saved a lot of time and money involved in commuting in the highly populated city of Delhi. The rooms and other amenities were way above the expectations I had from a cheap accommodation in Delhi.  My standard room could easily give the deluxe rooms located in the vicinity of my area a run for their money. The associates were always on their toes and ready to take my call even during night hours. I always sucked at managing my laundry but at Hotel Ajanta, the laundry service made sure that there was not a stain left on my clothes from my street eating ventures.

Wonderstruck by the city’s monuments, I spent most of my time photographing the spectacular moments. I did my best to capture the city through my lenses and I wouldn’t have accomplished the task of processing phenomenal photographs if it wasn’t for the high speed Wi-Fi throughout the hotel. Thanks to Hotel Ajanta, they made my research project successful!
If you are in the Capital City after traveling via train, there is always a frantic search for hotels near the New Delhi Railway Station. It depends on various factors – overnight stay before heading over someplace else, easy accessibility to the railway station and the convenience to float around central Delhi. The budget hotels in New Delhi is a popular choice not only because it offers a pocket-friendly accommodation but also provides all the amenities required for a modern traveler. Among the Budget Hotels in Paharganj, Hotel Ajanta is the best choice for a comfortable and relaxing stopover.

Strategically located near the railway station, airport and the city centre, Connaught Place, the hotel is a preferred choice among travelers from all over the globe. Built in central Delhi surrounded by lush green garden, the hotel also offers facilities like soundproof rooms and library and renders a perfect retreat. With 70 well appointed rooms, a multi-cuisine restaurant, and round the clock services, Hotel Ajanta is an answer to all your queries when it comes to a Budget Hotel in New Delhi. Their hospitality is effortlessly warm and their services flawless. All of this, and much more at a very reasonable price! Next time, you visit New Delhi, you know where to go. And you will thank us for the recommendation.

In Delhi, Hotel Booking is an Easy Job

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Since Delhi witnesses a lot of travelers coming in from all over the world, it is no great mystery as to why the city is home to so many hotels. And if you are visiting for the first time, it would be prudent to make your reservations before you get here, if you want to book a good hotel, that is. A good hotel, in my humble opinion, would be one that offers great value for your money, with prompt, thoughtful services and modern amenities. The rooms, whether you choose one of the simpler standard rooms or one of the more extravagant suites, should be well decorated and spacious, with attached bathrooms, air conditioning, color televisions, laundry service, telephones, seating area, and personal safes for your valuables as well as 24x7 room service. And fortunately for you, in Delhi Hotel Booking is not that difficult, in fact, it is actually pretty easy if you know where to look.

The best thing to do would be to look for a hotel near the city centre, as you can easily navigate through the city for reaching any sightseeing destination, malls, your place of work, or elsewhere. Some of these hotels also offer complimentary airport pickups, WiFi connectivity, as well as great breakfast spreads. Even the restaurants are superb, with highly attentive staff looking after all the guests and attending to them with a smile. Hygiene is of special care here, with only mineral water being served and all the utensils being steam cleaned. So you can see that in Delhi, hotel booking is easy if you keep a few things in your mind. Know More

Convenient Delhi Travel Guide is Useful

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If it is a king-sized slice of the capital city’s cultural pie that you want to savor and enjoy to the hilt, then a detailed Delhi Travel Guide is an absolute must! Compiled into a compact veritable treasure trove of information regarding which places to visit, their relevant history and a plethora of information on travel modalities, shopping information and good restaurants, it’s your best friend!

According to a Delhi travel guide some of the important sightseeing ‘musts’ encompass the majestic Red Fort and that elegant edifice – the Jama Masjid – built by Shah Jahan in Chandni Chowk; others include the towering Qutub Minar silhouetted imposingly against an azure sky, Humayun’s  graceful tomb with its verdant gardens and fountains, believed to be a forerunner of the world famous Taj Mahal. Your visit would not be complete without a visit to the beautiful Bahai temple with its unique lotus flower like shape, crafted from marble. Or the monumental Akshardham Temple, glowing in the gentle morning sun and, indisputably an architectural marvel! All the attractions are impossible to list but the massive India Gate, an indestructible tribute to martyrs of legendary wars, the colossal Rashtrapati Bhavan, Birla Mandir et al, cannot be given a miss!

So, armed with this valuable Delhi travel guide, let your imagination take wings and wander into colorful markets, shopping for souvenirs, savoring delicacies reminiscent of Mughal largesse and modern epicurean delights, guaranteeing gastronomic bliss! It is a fascinating voyage of discovery, down the labyrinthine alleys of time!
Delhi hotel booking procedures are now so streamlined and convenient, that you can make your reservations well in advance and thus ensure that you have a perfect stay in your preferred choice of accommodation.

A Delhi hotel booking,which should be executed without unnecessary delay once your programme has been finalized, as there is inevitably a rush for accommodation, can be accomplished from within the comfort of your home!Just a click away of the magical ‘mouse’ the on-site, on-line form that needs to be filled up, is very precise.  It requires relevant details like the check-in/check-out dates to be filled, along with the number of rooms required, as well as the number of both adults and children to inhabit them! To avoid any scope for error, the specific number of nights that you will be requiring the accommodation for, also have to be filled in! Once the reservation procedure is completed as per the booking format of the hotel, confirmation is conveyed to the concerned individual, after checking its availability with the relevant hotel data.

A Delhi Hotel Booking can also include advance purchase of special money saving packages by filling up a brief format with your name and e-mail details. Special or conventional bookings, for business or for pleasure, whether for a short or a protracted stay, staying in a Delhi hotel with prior booking, makes for a highly enjoyable and hassle free stay.  Especially if you are here for that special bonding trip with your family!

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