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Delhi is the capital of India, which is progressing with a rich historical culture and architectural background. It is a very well defined city in terms of traditions and modernity. The bygone days of the Mughal Empire can be seen in the form of various forts, museums and so on. One can also see the British Raj’s, colonial structures now, in the form of government buildings and old market areas. The current contemporary framework is also seen as a contrast in this whole background.

Delhi is the city which contains the political seat, offers an abode to many multinationals and provides a Fine Tourist Destination. All combined together, the city proves its worth and has a versatile attitude.

Delhi offers an exciting combination of fine cuisines and accommodation facilities. There are many options in the hands of a traveler to choose from the Hotels in Delhi. It depends upon the visitor’s purpose of travelling to the city. There are Delhi Hotels that cater especially to the tourists or to the business travelers. In other words, there are some hotels in Delhi, which are generally preferred by the business class and some hotels which are generally chosen by the holiday makers.


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