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The purpose of hotels is to provide accommodation facilities to the travellers coming for tourism as well as for business purposes. Because Delhi is the capital of India, it is one of the busiest cities of the country and the presence of the seat of power in the centre is also responsible for the rush. But, a majority of traffic coming into Delhi is that of the tourists who come for visiting some of the most renowned and historically significant monuments.

It is possible to visit these places if there are sufficient hospitality services for the tourists in different places, primarily hotels. Hotels are the prima donna of any tourist place and are meant to provide the impetus to the tourists to visit the location. Since there are people of all social standards coming to visit these locations, there should be presence of hotels which can provide the accommodations facilities in accordance with the affordability.

In Delhi, there are many sightseeing places and there are plenty of hotels. Hotels range from the small cheap hotels to the large luxurious hotels. But, the presence of budget hotels has been the major driving force for Delhi tourism and hotels like Hotel Ajanta have contributed significantly to increase the tourist inflow.

These hotels provide the tourists comfortable stay with the best services so that they are able to arrange accommodations within their financial limits. It helps the tourists to spend more on the sightseeing rather than splurge every penny on the hotels in which they are staying.

The rooms are quite comfortable with a variety on offers which ranges from the standard rooms to the suites and family rooms. Priced affordably, the Hotel Ajanta has been catering to the accommodation needs of people since many years and has established itself as a preferred destination for the travellers. Its location near to the railway station also adds to the popularity of the hotel as people can easily alight and board their trains during the journey. Each room is well decorated and maintained by the trained and experienced staff with the spacious bathrooms and large beds. The rooms have balconies and the deluxe rooms are equipped with modern equipments of television, internet, phone, etc.

The hospitality services of the hotel have brought many tourists to these hotels in Delhi, thereby adding indirectly to the popularity of Delhi tourism. Every year, thousands of tourists come to Delhi, stay in the budget hotels and continue their trip to the nearby areas.


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