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Delhi, A City Where All are Welcome

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New Delhi is today considered to be one of the fastest growing cities in the world. Ever since India has gained independence, the capital city has witnessed a tremendous amount of development and has progressed in a wide variety of sectors. Of these, one of the sectors is the hospitality and tourism sector.

Delhi hotels are today counted amongst the best hotels in the world and there are hordes of popular international hotel chains that are awaiting opportunities to invest in the capital city of India. Serving as a lucrative market for such international chains, New Delhi has also emerged as a hot favorite for a large number of such organizations.

Not just the luxury Delhi hotels, there are a large number of cheap hotels in Delhi as well. Being home to one of the largest population of middle class in the country, Delhi has a large number of such hotels that do not prove to be a big burden to the people. Also, many tourists who visit New Delhi on a limited budget prefer to stay in such hotels. However, despite the low rates, the quality of services that such hotels provide to their customers is noteworthy and truly these hotels do not give the customers a chance to complain.

Whatever the budget may be on which one is traveling to New Delhi, one thing that can be said without a doubt is the fact that there is room for one and all in India’s capital.


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