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There are many times when you must have pondered over the fact that a hotel does to some extent decide and reflect on your personality.  It must have struck you atleast once that even before you go out to unravel and explore a new place, you decide on where to stay. It’s very important for us to associate ourselves with the best things in the world to maintain our standard. But then there are other times too when you just don’t seem to notice too much.

If you are planning to come to Delhi, the one place in India which boats of mixing all cultures, traditions and practices of the country. When here on a trip or holiday with family or solo, do not think about the lodging options. You will find plenty of cheap hotels in Delhi which will keep you in its safety and comfort for as long as you want. Swelling on its pride on being one of the few cities in the world which have modernity matching itself with ancient culture, there are a number of Delhi hotels which keep this alive.

In fact you would find hotels which even have their themes around the central colour that Delhi stands for. In Delhi, hotels are majorly owned by private players with little or no stake held by the government. This tends to leave an impressionist mark with profit interest hidden in the covers. Amongst these you find cheap hotels in Delhi which leave a fresh breath of air in the middle of 5 stars and resorts. So come to Delhi and try these for yourself.


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