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As the capital of India Delhi ably represents the true face of modern India that has a glorious heritage of thousands of years tangled in most modern lifestyle and the side by side coexistence of heritage royal palaces and skyscrapers with most modern architecture has made Delhi a special place to visit for travel enthusiasts from all over the world and apart from the countless hotels of every possible kind that are scattered in part of this great city there are also many guest houses near Delhi Railway Station that provide amiable lodging opportunities to the regular visitors of the city.

Over the past few years a considerable number of family owned guest houses have popped up in the city and have also gained rapid popularity and one of the primary reason of this growing popularity is that in comparison with the hotels and tourist lodges these guest houses near Delhi Railway Station or in the other parts of the city provide their borders with a more homely atmosphere that more or resembles the coziness of their personal home and as this guest houses also provide most of the facilities offered by a good quality hotel one can always feel at home even being away from home on some vacation or business trip and make your stay in the city a very pleasurable experience. These guesthouses are also known as Bread & Breakfast Inns and one always have the option of going for both eating and  lodging or only lodging according to his personal needs and preferences.


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