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Convenient Delhi Travel Guide is Useful

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If it is a king-sized slice of the capital city’s cultural pie that you want to savor and enjoy to the hilt, then a detailed Delhi Travel Guide is an absolute must! Compiled into a compact veritable treasure trove of information regarding which places to visit, their relevant history and a plethora of information on travel modalities, shopping information and good restaurants, it’s your best friend!

According to a Delhi travel guide some of the important sightseeing ‘musts’ encompass the majestic Red Fort and that elegant edifice – the Jama Masjid – built by Shah Jahan in Chandni Chowk; others include the towering Qutub Minar silhouetted imposingly against an azure sky, Humayun’s  graceful tomb with its verdant gardens and fountains, believed to be a forerunner of the world famous Taj Mahal. Your visit would not be complete without a visit to the beautiful Bahai temple with its unique lotus flower like shape, crafted from marble. Or the monumental Akshardham Temple, glowing in the gentle morning sun and, indisputably an architectural marvel! All the attractions are impossible to list but the massive India Gate, an indestructible tribute to martyrs of legendary wars, the colossal Rashtrapati Bhavan, Birla Mandir et al, cannot be given a miss!

So, armed with this valuable Delhi travel guide, let your imagination take wings and wander into colorful markets, shopping for souvenirs, savoring delicacies reminiscent of Mughal largesse and modern epicurean delights, guaranteeing gastronomic bliss! It is a fascinating voyage of discovery, down the labyrinthine alleys of time!


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