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A Tale of Economy Hotels in Delhi

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Since my childhood days I have been a culture vulture. Whenever I heard or read anything about India, I had this intense feeling of wanting to go there. Finally I got my chance to visit the capital city of India for a photography research project. I planned to stay for one month. Being a student, I did not have any other option but to stay at the Economy Hotels in Delhi
Economy Hotels in Delhi
Hotel Ajanta, New Delhi
I booked my stay with Hotel Ajanta as I preferred staying in Central Delhi. The hotel was very close to my NGO so it saved a lot of time and money involved in commuting in the highly populated city of Delhi. The rooms and other amenities were way above the expectations I had from a cheap accommodation in Delhi.  My standard room could easily give the deluxe rooms located in the vicinity of my area a run for their money. The associates were always on their toes and ready to take my call even during night hours. I always sucked at managing my laundry but at Hotel Ajanta, the laundry service made sure that there was not a stain left on my clothes from my street eating ventures.

Wonderstruck by the city’s monuments, I spent most of my time photographing the spectacular moments. I did my best to capture the city through my lenses and I wouldn’t have accomplished the task of processing phenomenal photographs if it wasn’t for the high speed Wi-Fi throughout the hotel. Thanks to Hotel Ajanta, they made my research project successful!


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