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The City Center Hotel Delhi is an affordable hotel in the city. Located at one of the major parts of the city, this hotel enjoys high inflow of guests every day. The rooms are classified into standard rooms, deluxe rooms and family rooms. The tourists are advised to choose the rooms they feel best for them. 

The in-room facilities vary according to the rooms. The best facilities in this hotel are LCD TVs, telephones,comfy beds, nice furniture, good food and the friendly staff, always ready for help. The standards of accommodation and dining in this hotel are very comfortable. It is among the most preferred hotels in the city. The cheap accommodation in Delhi can be obtained from a huge number of budget hotels which are scattered across the various parts of the city. Most of these hotels are available on the internet for comparison and confirmation. It is recommended that the travelers choose these hotels after thorough examination. The tidy and tranquil ambience in most of these hotels ensure a really hassle free stay to be enjoyed by the guests. Most of these hotels are located in the prime areas of the city like the railway station, airport and so on. 

The guestrooms in these hotels are equipped with the everyday necessities such as cable television sets, telephones, tables & chairs, wardrobes, comfortable beds, neat & clean bathrooms etc. The service in most of these hotels is very friendly and efficient. They stay active through the most part of the day for the convenience of the guests.


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