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With all types of travelers sojourning to Delhi for extended stays and on low income to moderate budgets, there is no dearth of affordable and cheap luxury accommodation available for guests in the capital. Coupled with cleanliness and convenience, it offers modern amenities. 

Delhi Hotels Tariff of the Cheap Luxury Accommodation in Delhi is usually reasonable and affordable by the
mid-range Budget Tourist. Spanning the rates of a wide range of accommodation from Standard Rooms to Deluxe Rooms and Superior Rooms, Family Rooms and Suites, all these price tags are per night and have similar or same inclusions, unless otherwise specified! The Delhi Hotels Tariff for the summer months is Rs. 1,400/- for an air-conditioned Standard Room (Single) with Breakfast but without Airport pick-up and Rs. 1,550/- per night for the same room with an Airport pick-up facility. A Double Standard Room costs Rs.1,600/- with only Breakfast and Rs. 1,760/- inclusive of an Airport pick-up as well! Whereas a Single Deluxe Room is priced at Rs. 1,760/-, a Double Deluxe Room costs Rs. 2,000/-. A Superior Room (Single) comes with a reasonable price tag of Rs.2,000/- while a Double sized Superior Room is a little bit more expensive but still affordable at Rs.2,250/-! 

The rates of Cheap Luxury Accommodation in Delhi, where a Single Suite comes for Rs. 2,550/- and a Double Suite is priced a little more, at Rs. 2,800/-, offers a really spacious Family Room capable of accommodating an entire family at one time, at Rs. 3,050/-. Fees and Taxes comprise17.42% extra and rates include Wi-Fi and breakfast. So live well!


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